Just you and me / one-to-one mentoring


Just you and me / one-to-one mentoring

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“Just you and me” One-to-one-mentoring

Want a private class “Just You & me”? This session is designed around your wants and needs. Private one-to-one classes/mentoring sessions in my Studio, where you will receive hands on help working on a project of your own, perfecting your technique. Bring your portfolio/artwork and we will review it together, then work on advancing your style and technique.

Art is also a business. In these mentoring sessions we can discuss how to design your website or how to set up an online store, marketing your artwork etc.

This 9 hour session can be divided into 3 sessions that concentrate on your individual needs. 

Special price applies through Thanksgiving 2018. After that prices are back to normal.

Please email me for any questions you might have about this class.

All classes are final and non-refundable.

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