This is my "Little Orphan"

This painting was inspired by the true story of the “Rhino Orphanage” in Limpopo, Africa. The Rhino Orphanage works to save and rehabilitate orphaned rhino calves injured or traumatized by rhino poaching. I think it’s so cool that they received their first rhino ambulance which is equipped with a trailer to carry injured rhino calves back to the orphanage where they receive 24-hour medical attention.

Lately I am so in love with rhinos. The little calves touch my heart. My other half asked me if his horn has been “cut off by poachers?”. I explained to him that no, he is still a “rhino baby”, he hasn’t grown his horn yet. Rhino calves are born without a horn. Their horn can be removed with an electric reciprocating saw (a painless operation when conducted professionally as the horns, like fingernails, are made of keratin and will grow back) on the orders of a man who wishes to sell rhino horns on the open market. Unfortunately “poachers” do not use this method.

I dedicate this painting to all those little rhino orphans in the world.

“The Orphan” 2018, Oil on Canvas, 17.7” x 15.7”. Contact for availability.