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This is my "Little Orphan"

This painting was inspired by the true story of the “Rhino Orphanage” in Limpopo, Africa. The Rhino Orphanage works to save and rehabilitate orphaned rhino calves injured or traumatized by rhino poaching. I think it’s so cool that they received their first rhino ambulance which is equipped with a trailer to carry injured rhino calves back to the orphanage where they receive 24-hour medical attention.

Lately I am so in love with rhinos. The little calves touch my heart. My other half asked me if his horn has been “cut off by poachers?”. I explained to him that no, he is still a “rhino baby”, he hasn’t grown his horn yet. Rhino calves are born without a horn. Their horn can be removed with an electric reciprocating saw (a painless operation when conducted professionally as the horns, like fingernails, are made of keratin and will grow back) on the orders of a man who wishes to sell rhino horns on the open market. Unfortunately “poachers” do not use this method.

I dedicate this painting to all those little rhino orphans in the world.

“The Orphan” 2018, Oil on Canvas, 17.7” x 15.7”. Contact for availability.



Name contest!

Enter the Name contest!

I'm thrilled to share this new painting I have just finished. She's the new addition to my "Most Endangered Species" collection...

She still doesn't have a name! Yikes! Can you help me name her?

I'm going to have a "name contest" here on my blog, my facebook or Instagram account. Best name wins a free Giclee print of her!

All you have to do is leave your name suggestion here in "comments" by this Sunday September 2nd by 11pm EST. I will choose the best 3 options and post them on the following Monday, then you all get to choose the best one of the three options. (Monday Sep 3rd - Wednesday 5th by 11pm EST).

Winner will be announced on Thursday September 6th in the morning!

The original painting is on sale now directly through me, if you like her please send me a message! Thanks

gweb3 copy.jpg

New Hummingbird painting

I'm happy to share a new hummingbird painting that I have just finished. The "Colibri" or Humminbird is my very favorite of birds and we get to enjoy them right here in our back garden in the beautiful City of Atlanta. I present to you:

"A promise of a great tomorrow" 2018, Oil on canvas. 10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm)

For inquiries on this available piece, please contact me. Serious inquiries only.


promiseofagreattomorrowwithframe1 copy.jpg

My work at the Contemporary Art Museum of Kerava in Finland!

I was so stoked to receive an invitation from the Contemporary Art Museum SINKKA of Kerava in Finland to exhibit 14 of my babies! It's an honor for an artist to be invited to exhibit in their Museum. The exhibition is called "Alice in Wonderland" and I am working on a new piece for the Show right now! Yay!

"Alice in Wonderland" / "Liisa Ihmemaassa"

Contemporary Art Museum of Kerava, Finland

25.8 - 11.11.2018

Keravan Contemporary Art Museum (Sinkka)
Kultasepänkatu 2
04250 Kerava



"Green Colibri" found a home!

I'm pleased to announce that "Green Colibri" has found a home! Thank you Katrina from Texas for choosing her as your loved one! She has found a great home!

"Green Colibri" is the lst of my humming birds collection to be sold.

Colibri is Spanish for hummingbird. The hummingbird is indeed my favorite bird. It symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. They are Spirit animals

greencolibri2 copy.jpg

View from my wall of Love

I call this my "wall of Love". Every home needs Love, hope and a Guardian Angel. Our favorite Guardian Angel is Michael. This small painting I made for my husband's birthday and he loves it. In the center is "Fruit of Love", and little "Iguana Girl" is on top inside a Mexican heart. On the right is Jesus, he was not painted by me,  but I just love that picture and frame. It's my circle of Love, in our bedroom.


Painting for BELA International Contemporary Art Biennale

I was super thrilled to be invited to participate in the upcoming International Art Biennale BELA 2018, which this year happens to be exhibiting in Finland. AVA Gallery from Helsinki has decided to feature my work and so I got working right away on two new pieces for it. This is a little sneek peak of what will be on show. I'm very excited!

My new piece I am working on right now. This is such an inspiring subject, I can't wait to share it with you!

My new piece I am working on right now. This is such an inspiring subject, I can't wait to share it with you!

"Learning how to fly" finds her new home!

I just received this lovely photo from Laurie in California, I just had to share with you. It's so much fun to see a photo of my "baby" and see how she looks in real life, in her new home. "Learning how to fly" was bought from my "The Finnish Illusion" exhibition at Spruill Gallery in Atlanta. Thank you Laurie for sharing your photo with us!


The making of the Finnish Illusion 2018

About a year ago I had an idea that I wanted to do a group exhibition with my artist colleagues from Finland. I had a vision that it would be a small group of women artists who share the same pop cultural artistic vision as I do. I was so happy when I found two wonderful artists from Finland who wanted to go on the venture with me.

Katja Tukiainen and Maria Wolfram, are both from Helsinki and with a Master's in Fine Arts Degree. They both have amazing work, they are hard working gals with a positive attitude. I knew I had found the right group! I was even more thrilled when our exhibition proposal was accepted by Spruill Art Gallery, a beautiful exhibition space located in an incredible, historic 1867-1905 home made into an Art Gallery on Asford Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta.

So now for several months we have all been working on the new work we will be exhibiting. Our exhibition opens to the public on February 15th. One week prior to the opening Katja, Maria and I will begin working on a mural/installation in the gallery space. We are thrilled to be working together on this project!