Taide ja museokeskus Sinkka

New painting "Pink Cockatoo"

A lot of people ask me where I get my ideas from for my paintings. So there’s no one clear answer to that but I am very inspired by what nature has to offer especially animals. I also think my connection to other levels of consciousness plays a big part in where my ideas come from. This might be a foreign idea to many but I follow my instinct all the time, because there is so much intangible information around us on multiple levels that can inspire us. We just have to open our hearts and allow that information to penetrate our souls.

This one is called “Pink Cockatoo” 2018. Oil On canvas. 31" x 27" (80cm x 70cm) . Please contact me for availability. info@ilonacutts.com

Pink cockatoos are also on the most endangered animals list, believe it or not.

Pink Cockatoo is now hanging next to her brothers and sisters at SINKKA Contemporary Art Museum of Finland, in Kerava. Go feel her energy, she’ll speak to you if you listen carefully.