Drummer girl 2018

When I was a young girl, about 6 yrs old, I was with my family on one of our numerous trips around Europe perhaps in Switzerland when I saw a pair of bright red shoes in a shop window. I just kept looking at those red, red shoes and wanted to go in the store to look at them closer. To my dismay the store was closed and my parents didn’t plan on coming back the next day to that same store so that I could try them on. I was so sad. I still remember that scene in my head as if it were yesterday. For a small girl like I was, I felt like if I could wear those red shoes I could be anything or anyone I wanted. I could sing and dance and play those drums and live in a magical world. I still dream about those red shoes. As a girl I would often hear people say to me “you’re just a girl, girls can’t do that…girls aren’t good enough for that”. Deep inside me I did not believe those words. If only I could wear those red shoes I could be anything I ever wanted. Red, red shoes.

Drummer Girl 2018

Oil on panel 14” x 11” (35.6cm x 27.9cm)

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