Warrior Girl grows up

When I was growing up I always felt like I had to make more noise to be heard and prove myself to “grown ups” just because I am a girl. I felt like boys didn’t have to do that. This feeling still prevails in my adult life and I feel like I must wear this protective shield around me, that makes me a sort of “Warrior Girl”. It’s not International Women’s day today but that doesn’t matter, it is Women’s day for me every day. Today I shout about my Warrior Girl growing up and and going on her very first debut Show! She will be “singing her tune” at the upcoming Georgia Artist Juried Show! So excited for her! My painting “The Warrior Girl” is a tribute to all girls and women in the world.


Story of Charlotte Sophia

“Charlotte Sophia”, one of my favorite paintings has found a home in Finland. It is with sadness that I part with her, but also with happiness as I know she will be loved and cared for. She is a special child to me.

The story of Charlotte Sophia goes like this. Someone whispered the name “Sophia” into my ear. Later came  “Charlotte”. In my minds eye I could see she was a brunette, somewhat mysterious and most definitely a very special girl. She had something to tell me. I tried to listen carefully. I thought maybe this girl really existed before in real life and is now visiting me in Spirit form and requesting that I paint her. After some research on the internet I found out that indeed there existed a woman called “Charlotte Sophia”, and she was no less than the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. She was born in Germany in 1744 and died in 1818. She married  King George the III of Great Britain and they had 15 children. They were very much in Love.

Unfortunately King George suffered from mental illness later in life and this terrified the Queen. When he became ill he also became violent and his whole character changed.  At that time one of the Queen's attendants, overheard her moaning to herself with "desponding sound": "What will become of me? What will become of me?"

Her story is sad but also uplifting. She founded orphanages and the education of women was of great importance to her. She ensured that her daughters were better educated than was usual for young women of the day. She was also a patron of the Arts, she had many paintings hanging on the walls of her Castle. I admire her life story and her strength to overcome adversity.

The lady (Mia in Finland) who recently bought the painting had no knowledge of the Story behind my painting “ Charlotte Sophia.” In fact, this is the first time I tell the story of her. What I find incredibly fascinating is that Mia, wrote to me a couple of weeks ago and said she had had a dream about this painting and felt compelled to her.  Her dream went like this:

“I often have busy dreams. In this dream we were fleeing with a few other people (I don't know who these other people were or why we were in a flight). We came out of an old stone castle with very high gray stone walls. There was a lot of portraits inside the castle, among others. Charlotte Sophia. When we got out of the building I found myself in a narrow moat. The water was just up to my navel. From the water, cranberry-like fish climbed to the other side and they continued along the ground walking on their stomachs. I was asked to follow. I woke up as the clock rang. The sleep was in no way distressing, but perhaps rather exciting and I had the feeling that everything was going well.”

Is it mere coincidence that she had a dream of Charlotte Sophia, or did she really visit her in her dreams?

I don’t believe in coincidences!

Mian uni:

“Näen usein vauhdikkaita unia. Tässä unessa olimme pakenemassa muutaman muun ihmisen kanssa (en tiedä keitä nämä muut ihmiset olivat tai miksi olimme pakosalla). Tulimme ulos vanhasta kivilinnasta, jossa oli erittäin korkeat harmaat kiviseinämät. Linnan sisällä oli paljon muotokuvatauluja, mm. Charlotte Sophia. Kun pääsimme ulos rakennuksesta kahlasimme ulkopuolella olevassa vallihaudassa, joka oli kapea ja enemmän ojamainen kuin sellainen laakea vallihauta. Vettä oli vain napaan saakka. Vedestä nousi karpinnäköisiä kaloja toiselle reunalle ja ne jatkoivat maata pitkin kävellen vatsaevillään. Pyysivät seuraamaan. Heräsin tähän kellon soidessa. Uni ei ollut millään tavalla ahdistava, vaan ehkä ennemminkin vain jännittävä ja minulla oli tunne, että kaikki menee hyvin.”

I found my long lost painting

I was so happy today that I found my long lost painting “Footprints”. It had been hiding in one of my boxes that came from Finland when I moved to the USA 2 yrs ago. It’s so lovely to have her back and hanging on my wall. Someone in Finland wanted to buy here a year ago, unfortunately back then I thought she had been lost forever.


Drummer girl 2018

When I was a young girl, about 6 yrs old, I was with my family on one of our numerous trips around Europe perhaps in Switzerland when I saw a pair of bright red shoes in a shop window. I just kept looking at those red, red shoes and wanted to go in the store to look at them closer. To my dismay the store was closed and my parents didn’t plan on coming back the next day to that same store so that I could try them on. I was so sad. I still remember that scene in my head as if it were yesterday. For a small girl like I was, I felt like if I could wear those red shoes I could be anything or anyone I wanted. I could sing and dance and play those drums and live in a magical world. I still dream about those red shoes. As a girl I would often hear people say to me “you’re just a girl, girls can’t do that…girls aren’t good enough for that”. Deep inside me I did not believe those words. If only I could wear those red shoes I could be anything I ever wanted. Red, red shoes.

Drummer Girl 2018

Oil on panel 14” x 11” (35.6cm x 27.9cm)

Available for purchase


New painting "Pink Cockatoo"

A lot of people ask me where I get my ideas from for my paintings. So there’s no one clear answer to that but I am very inspired by what nature has to offer especially animals. I also think my connection to other levels of consciousness plays a big part in where my ideas come from. This might be a foreign idea to many but I follow my instinct all the time, because there is so much intangible information around us on multiple levels that can inspire us. We just have to open our hearts and allow that information to penetrate our souls.

This one is called “Pink Cockatoo” 2018. Oil On canvas. 31" x 27" (80cm x 70cm) . Please contact me for availability. info@ilonacutts.com

Pink cockatoos are also on the most endangered animals list, believe it or not.

Pink Cockatoo is now hanging next to her brothers and sisters at SINKKA Contemporary Art Museum of Finland, in Kerava. Go feel her energy, she’ll speak to you if you listen carefully.


This is my "Little Orphan"

This painting was inspired by the true story of the “Rhino Orphanage” in Limpopo, Africa. The Rhino Orphanage works to save and rehabilitate orphaned rhino calves injured or traumatized by rhino poaching. I think it’s so cool that they received their first rhino ambulance which is equipped with a trailer to carry injured rhino calves back to the orphanage where they receive 24-hour medical attention.

Lately I am so in love with rhinos. The little calves touch my heart. My other half asked me if his horn has been “cut off by poachers?”. I explained to him that no, he is still a “rhino baby”, he hasn’t grown his horn yet. Rhino calves are born without a horn. Their horn can be removed with an electric reciprocating saw (a painless operation when conducted professionally as the horns, like fingernails, are made of keratin and will grow back) on the orders of a man who wishes to sell rhino horns on the open market. Unfortunately “poachers” do not use this method.

I dedicate this painting to all those little rhino orphans in the world.

“The Orphan” 2018, Oil on Canvas, 17.7” x 15.7”. Contact for availability.



My Opening tomorrow at Regina Gallery

Super stoked about my solo show at Regina Gallery tomorrow night. On show I have a “mini retro” (retrospective), as I’m including works that range from 2010 to 2018. I am new to the Atlanta art scene so I really wanted to have on show some older work too. On top of that I am also including 2 of my newest pieces, from my Endangered Animals Collection. I hope you can make it to Regina Gallery tomorrow from 5-9pm. Address is : 409 Mead Rd, unit 5, Oakhurst, Decatur. Don’t miss it!

healinghopefb3 copy.jpg

My work back from Washington DC show

It feels great to have my work back from my group show with Katja Tukiainen and Maria Wolfram at our “Finnish Illusion" on Tour” exhibition in Washington D.C. Only thing is most of the paintings are off again to my next Solo Show which opens tomorrow at Regina Gallery. I simply had to hold onto at least one of them and hang it in my Studio! I miss my babies when they are gone…


Name contest!

Enter the Name contest!

I'm thrilled to share this new painting I have just finished. She's the new addition to my "Most Endangered Species" collection...

She still doesn't have a name! Yikes! Can you help me name her?

I'm going to have a "name contest" here on my blog, my facebook or Instagram account. Best name wins a free Giclee print of her!

All you have to do is leave your name suggestion here in "comments" by this Sunday September 2nd by 11pm EST. I will choose the best 3 options and post them on the following Monday, then you all get to choose the best one of the three options. (Monday Sep 3rd - Wednesday 5th by 11pm EST).

Winner will be announced on Thursday September 6th in the morning!

The original painting is on sale now directly through me, if you like her please send me a message! Thanks

gweb3 copy.jpg

New Hummingbird painting

I'm happy to share a new hummingbird painting that I have just finished. The "Colibri" or Humminbird is my very favorite of birds and we get to enjoy them right here in our back garden in the beautiful City of Atlanta. I present to you:

"A promise of a great tomorrow" 2018, Oil on canvas. 10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm)

For inquiries on this available piece, please contact me. Serious inquiries only.


promiseofagreattomorrowwithframe1 copy.jpg

My work at the Contemporary Art Museum of Kerava in Finland!

I was so stoked to receive an invitation from the Contemporary Art Museum SINKKA of Kerava in Finland to exhibit 14 of my babies! It's an honor for an artist to be invited to exhibit in their Museum. The exhibition is called "Alice in Wonderland" and I am working on a new piece for the Show right now! Yay!

"Alice in Wonderland" / "Liisa Ihmemaassa"

Contemporary Art Museum of Kerava, Finland

25.8 - 11.11.2018

Keravan Contemporary Art Museum (Sinkka)
Kultasepänkatu 2
04250 Kerava



"Green Colibri" found a home!

I'm pleased to announce that "Green Colibri" has found a home! Thank you Katrina from Texas for choosing her as your loved one! She has found a great home!

"Green Colibri" is the lst of my humming birds collection to be sold.

Colibri is Spanish for hummingbird. The hummingbird is indeed my favorite bird. It symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. They are Spirit animals

greencolibri2 copy.jpg

The "Finnish Illusion" exhibition in Washington DC!

Katja Tukiainen, Maria Wolfram and myself had an incredible experience exhibiting at the beautiful Embassy of Finland in Washington DC. A special thank you to all the people at the Embassy for making our exhibition such a success!

From left to right: Maria Wolfram, Katja Tukiainen, Ilona Cutts  Embassy of Finland, June 2018  "The Finnish Illusion" exhibition.

From left to right: Maria Wolfram, Katja Tukiainen, Ilona Cutts

Embassy of Finland, June 2018

"The Finnish Illusion" exhibition.

View from my wall of Love

I call this my "wall of Love". Every home needs Love, hope and a Guardian Angel. Our favorite Guardian Angel is Michael. This small painting I made for my husband's birthday and he loves it. In the center is "Fruit of Love", and little "Iguana Girl" is on top inside a Mexican heart. On the right is Jesus, he was not painted by me,  but I just love that picture and frame. It's my circle of Love, in our bedroom.


Painting for BELA International Contemporary Art Biennale

I was super thrilled to be invited to participate in the upcoming International Art Biennale BELA 2018, which this year happens to be exhibiting in Finland. AVA Gallery from Helsinki has decided to feature my work and so I got working right away on two new pieces for it. This is a little sneek peak of what will be on show. I'm very excited!

My new piece I am working on right now. This is such an inspiring subject, I can't wait to share it with you!

My new piece I am working on right now. This is such an inspiring subject, I can't wait to share it with you!