Ilona’s paintings center on anthropomorphic creatures or girl like figures, surrounded by nature or objects of obscure symbolic and ethereal meaning. Influenced by contemporary pop culture and Spirit energies, her narrative storytelling is both cute and cruel, at times disclosing her own personal views on the delicate relationship between man and spirit nature.

For the past few years clocks have been a key element in Ilona’s work. Her interest in the concepts of time and “timelessness” are evident in her paintings. The juxtaposition of linear time, versus Spiritual time. She explains that when linear time ceases to exist and we “cross over”, we enter a parallel world. Here no pain or sorrow exists, only a world of endless possibilities.  She calls it her “Enchanting World”.

Ilona Cutts, was born to a diplomatic family. They took her on a lifelong journey around the world, Argentina, Poland, the U.K, Mexico, Spain, the USA. She has a BA in Fine Arts Degree from Kankaanpaa Arts School in Finland and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, U.K. Ilona’s paintings have been exhibited internationally and can be found in important collections such as the Oulu Museum of Modern Art in Oulu, Finland.

"Spirit hunter". Oil on canvas. 2016  Collection of  Museum of Art Oulu (OUKA).  Finland

"Spirit hunter". Oil on canvas. 2016

Collection of Museum of Art Oulu (OUKA). Finland



  • 1995 B.A in Fine Arts. Kankaanpää Taidekoulu, Finland

  • 1992-1993 Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design (London, England)

  • 1991-1992 Karjaa Art School. Karjaa, Finland

  • 1990-1991 Helsingin Taiteilijaseura, Espoo tyoväenopisto. Finland

  • 1989-1990 Private tutoring under Mexican Sculptor Gogy Arellano Farias

Member of:

  • Finnish Artist's Association (Taidemaalariliitto) (FAA)

  • Espoo (Finland) Artist's Association

  • Malaga Artist's Association (APLAMA)

Art Grants:  2018 Suomen Kulttuurirahasto (Finnish Cultural Foundation)


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Wisdom Keepers. Koivulinna Gallery, Pukkila. Finland

2018 Regina Gallery. Atlanta, GA. USA

2016 The Other Side. Katariina Gallery. Helsinki, Finland

2014 Creatures. Art Alex. Helsinki, Finland

2013 In Vino Veritas. Art Alex. Helsinki, Finland

2012 Kingdom Come. Art Alex. Helsinki, Finland

2011 Unhappy Rabbits. In My Room Gallery. Paris, France

2011 Unhappy Rabbits. Art Alex. Helsinki, Finland

2010 Mondo Bizarro. Art Alex. Helsinki, Finland

2009 Naughty Show. Art Alex, Helsinki. Finland

2009 Naughty Show. Espoo Cultural Center. Espoo, Finland

2008 Heads or Tails. Art Alex. Helsinki, Finland

2007 A Dog's Life. Jorvi Hospital. Finland

2006 A Dog's Life. Jardin Borda Museum. Cuernavaca, Mexico

2003 Comics. Finnish Embassy. Mexico City, Mexico

2003 Peepo, the Little Giraffe. Finnish Embassy. Mexico City, Mexico

2000 Ilona by Ilona. Cultural Center for the Arts. Mexico City, Mexico

1999 Wanna Play? Samuel Menache Gallery, Mexico City. Mexico

1998 Computerized. Finnish Embassy. Mexico City, Mexico

1997 Hidden Faces. The Raul Anguiano Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico

1996 In Suit. Expo Arte Gallery. Madrid, Spain

1995 In Suit. Cultural Arts Center. Madrid, Spain


Group Shows

2019 Georgia Artists Juried Show, Atlanta. USA

2018 Snowglobe. EBD 4, Atlanta. USA

2018 “Alice in Wonderland” , SINKKA Contemporary Art Museum of Kerava. Kerava, Finland

2018 BELA, Biennial of European and Latin American Contemporary Art, Helsinki. Finland

2018 "The Finnish Illusion on Tour" with Katja Tukiainen and Maria Wolfram. Finnish Embassy, Washington D.C. USA

2018 "The Finnish Illusion" with Katja Tukiainen and Maria Wolfram. Spruill Art Gallery. Atlanta. USA

2018 Contemporary Art Fair (FAA). Helsinki, Finland

2017 "Dogwood Show". AAC (Atlanta Artist's Center). Atlanta, USA

2017 Contemporary Art Fair (FAA). Helsinki, Finland

2016 Contemporary Art Fair (FAA). Helsinki, Finland

2015 Contemporary Art Fair (FAA). Helsinki, Finland

2014 Presencias 36. (APLAMA). Malaga, Spain

2014 Contemporary Art Fair (FAA). Helsinki, Finland

2013 Contemporary Art Fair (FAA). Helsinki, Finland

2012 Auguste Clown Gallery. Sydney, Australia

2012 About Face. WWA Gallery. Los Angeles, USA

2009 Contemporary Art Fair. City Museum of Cuernavaca, Mexico

2006 Contemporary Art Fair. Museum Borda, Cuernavaca, Mexico

2004 Contemporary Art Fair. City Museum of Monterrey, Mexico

1999 Group Show. Kin Gallery, Mexico City. Mexico

1997 Mänttä Art Weeks. Mänttä, Finland

1996 Group Show Detursa Gallery, Madrid. Spain

1991 Young Art Show. Hyvinkää. Finland



  • Oulu Museum of Art. Finland

  • Sampo Group. Helsinki, Finland

  • Wärtsilä. Mexico City, Mexico

  • El Borcegui Museum. Mexico City. Mexico

  • Warner Brother's Music Chappel. Madrid, Spain


Private Collections:

  • Tarja Halonen, President of Finland

  • Martti Ahtisaari, President of Finland


Books Published:

  • 2003 Peepo, Pieni Kirahvi. Tammi, Finland