Ilona and her Mother (lifelong muse). 2013  Maija-Liisa Sampovaara crossed over to "The Other Side" in April of 2016.

Ilona and her Mother (lifelong muse). 2013

Maija-Liisa Sampovaara crossed over to "The Other Side" in April of 2016.

"The Crossing Over"  Helsinki, Finland. May 2016  Katariina Gallery, Helsinki. Finland

"The Crossing Over"  Helsinki, Finland. May 2016

Katariina Gallery, Helsinki. Finland

"The Wedding Ceremony". 2016

"The Wedding Ceremony". 2016

"Good Spirit Hunter" 2016. Collection of  Museum of Art Oulu . Finland

"Good Spirit Hunter" 2016. Collection of Museum of Art Oulu. Finland

"The Crossing Over"  May 2016. Katariina Gallery, Helsinki. Finland

Gaining Love, losing love, hope, the belief for something better yet to come. This is the theme for my Show this year.

I’ve been preparing this show for a year and a half, using the power of intuitive thinking. For artists sensoring intuitively comes naturally. It’s an important aspect in the process of making art and also a tool we can use in our every day lives. We all have the ability within us, however we might just not have noticed it before. You can also train and develop this ability. It can be useful to us in many ways, such as in things that seem trivial at the moment, like when you are at a cross roads and you have to decide which way to turn. Right or left? Or when you meet a new person. You ask yourself, can I trust this person, is he or she a good human being?

We should also use this inner voice to help guide us when we are faced with even bigger decisions to make in life. Such as, should I buy this house or not? Should I marry this person, or not? Shall I stay in this difficult life situation that brings me sorrow and unhappiness? Should I stay or should I go? Intuitive thinking (sensoring) is a natural self protective mechanism that will guide us onto the right path of life.

In the past year and a half I’ve suffered some personal losses that have deeply affected me. Quite suddenly my lovely dog Izta got ill and died. Then my husband’s beloved cat Freddie also passed away after spending 17 years of their lives together. However the biggest loss for myself was when my beloved Mother died so suddenly. It was shocking not only because I had lost the person that gave me life, but because I realized that I had also lost my Muse and Patron of Arts.

My Mother taught me to trust in myself as an artist and as a human being. She had a habit of calling onto my attention and saying: “Ilona, look at this flower, can you see all it’s colors?” Can you see?” She taught me the greatest lesson of all for an artist, which is the ability to see, not just to look. So we would spend a considerable amount of time together analyzing the different array of colors that were in one tiny flower.

My Mother was also an avid collector of antiques and beautiful old objects that I would retrieve endless inspiration and ideas from. She had her own hands in my art too. We had an agreement that she would get to choose a subject matter for one painting per every exhibition I made in the past years. It worked out rather well because her chosen paintings always brought me good luck.  So I was painting her commissioned painting, which happened to be the last of one of this series, when my Patron of Arts and Muse suddenly decided it was time to “check out.” In midst of my sorrow I thought it impossible to finish the painting and was planning to leave it out of the exhibition entirely. But then after some thinking, I thought I must give my Mom her last wish and make her proud of me by finishing it. I hope you like it Mom!

The power of intuitive thinking has an undeniable role in the making of this exhibition. I did not know one year ago, or even a month ago that my Mother would leave us. I painted “The Good Omen” about 6 months ago in Spain and right after that “The Crossing Over” which tells the story of Crossing Over to the Other Side. The Afterlife. It becomes even more clear in my mind that I do not believe in coincidences, or in good or bad luck. I believe a Master Plan has been drawn out for all of us and that there is a meaning behind the chain of events.

You could say my exhibition is about the loss of love and gaining it. I was very fortunate too this past year and a half to have found Love. I found a wonderful man, (John) whom I decided to say yes to, and we got married some months ago.

So Life continues on this side for as long as God wills it to. At least this is what I believe in. It’s time to rejoice, be happy and continue forward not forgetting the power of intuitive thinking.